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  1. Can you give us more info on the “Holloway kids” in tiger costumes? I remember going to AU basketball games in the 70’s and seeing a kid in a tiger costume out on the court with Aubie. Is that what you’re talking about?

  2. Mattingly had one of the other astronauts take the flag to the surface, I believe. He was the Command Module Pilot, which means he was the one left alone and circling above the moon while the Commander and Lunar Module Pilot went to the surface. Still doesn’t change the fact that there’s an Auburn flag on the moon, though.

  3. One of the Holloway kids you mention in your article is my boss! Love that I found this–can’t wait to share it with him!!

  4. I feel like I should comment on the comment that Blaine Kern makes Mardi Gras look like Mardi Gras, but I honestly can’t come up with anything to say. Imagine a good Marge Simpson: folded arms and a low growl, like “mmmmm.” But not like, “Mmmmm, tasty.” More like, “Mmmmm, I do not approve.”

  5. I think we mentioned in a previous Wishbone column and in our Season of Our Dreams book that Coach Jordan originally wanted to put a War Eagle eagle head on the sides of Auburn’s helmets, back when they were just plain white. Instead, good ol’ Jeff Beard went and found some stencils and created the distinctive interlocking AU. Jordan approved. Thank you again, JB.


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