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  1. His eyes just have that crazed look, even then! But then again, doesn’t EVERY turd fan have this look at one time or another? I realize for some, however, it is permanent due to their psychosis. “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” It’s a proverb for a reason!

  2. Even Bear Bryant would smack this man up side the head!!! No true Bama or SEC fan would disrespect tradition in such a manner! Roll Tide!!!!

  3. What a crumby blemish on a fine state. Sorry Texas. I guess there are bad cops everywhere.

  4. All deference to the great state of Texas, but I just can’t look at this outfit’s color scheme and NOT think “Hitler Youth.” Harvey’s evil mug doesn’t help.

  5. hope he gets shafted by a branch w/herbicide while in prison. just too many sore loser inbred morons in this world.

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