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Toomer’s Oaks Leaves Have to Be Picked Up Immediately

The barricades that surround the Toomer’s Oaks will remain indefinitely. Leaves that fall on the area of bedding protected by the barricades are quickly removed by Auburn officials.

How concentrated was the dose of Spike 80DF administered to the Toomer’s Oaks? So concentrated Auburn University experts won’t even let the tree’s leaves stay on the ground, a precaution made known during Dr. Stephen “the Emotional Agronomist” Enloe’s —we love you, Dr. E— presentation to the Auburn Chamber of Commerce on Monday.

Enloe said the university has been actively removing leaves that have fallen from the trees to their bases. Because the oaks’ fallen leaves contain herbicide, they cannot be allowed to break down around the trees; otherwise, they would simply reintroduce poison to the tree’s root systems.

That was just one depressing tidbit taken from the depressingly-titled lecture: “A Spike in the Heart of Auburn University: The Poisoning of Toomer’s Oaks.”

“Based upon the amount of herbicide that was put out there, how much we were able to remove and the toxicity of this herbicide to this species of oak tree, we’re still not giving them a very good prognosis of survival,” Enloe said. “I’d say there’s still a less than five percent chance that they are going to survive.”

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