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Shug’s Daughter Confirms Father’s Affinity For Houndstooth—Brooks Brothers Houndstooth!

BEAR WHO? Yet another example of Shug in houndstooth, this from an ad in the 1970 Auburn vs. Georgia "Auburn Football Illustrated."

Bear with us, as it were, while we unravel the irony.

Last Tuesday, The War Eagle Reader posted news that Brooks Brothers’ had finally released its new Auburn collection—and that it included a “houndstooth” Auburn tie. Auburn fans vomited all over the internet.

Two days later, Brooks Brothers’ apologized to Auburn fans for the perceived fashion faux pas, and relabeled the pattern of the tie in question “chevron.”

The day after that, The War Eagle Reader attempted to capitalize on Tie-Gate by posting a rare photo of Shug Jordan in a houndstooth-ish hat.

“Shug,” we wrote, “probably wouldn’t have had a problem with [houndstooth].”

Careful what you’re right about.

Turns out that Shug’s daughter, Susan Pilgreen, reads The War Eagle Reader. (Of course.) It also turns out that Auburn fans might owe Brooks Brothers a historically unexpected apology.

“He did indeed wear that hat,” Pilgreen wrote us over the weekend. “And many things from Brooks Brothers.”

Yes, you read correctly. According to Shug’s own daughter, the houndstooth-ish hat in question… was made by Brooks Brothers.

“He loved to shop there and did whenever he went to New York,” she continued. “I still have one of those hats!”

Susan’s revelation is further confirmation that, if a picture is worth a thousands words, photos of Shug in Brooks Brothers houndstooth needn’t be read as canon-threatening gnostic gospels. Everything is permissible, the Apostle Paul tells us—even, apparently, houndstooth-patterned accessories of legendary American quality.

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