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  1. You guys have given me at least $10 worth of content over the past year. Value for value.

  2. Who could resist the sad Alice face. $5.00 sent.

    You all should have an orange and blue goal thermometer.

  3. Offbeat Auburn is on board. The War Eagle Reader is simply the best Auburn blog bar none. I’m happy to make a cash contribution and WAR EAGLE!

  4. Sent mine in and posted this on Auburn Undercover and two people have responded that they’ve also sent in a donation. Hopefully we’ll all have enough done to help keep things going here for a long time!

  5. Chipped in $20. There already isn’t enough Auburn football content on the interwebs to satiate my unhealthy obsession…

  6. Chipped in 30. 10 each for me and my football watching buddies. AU Football is a religion, and TWER is the radio to god.

  7. Mine is there now..
    and CK’s poast about TWER is pinned to the top of WHAB,
    where y’all are a favorite of everyone…
    let us know if more is needed…

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