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Auburn fan shot dead in Yelawolf video

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There’s this rapper from Alabama, Yelawolf. He was born in Gadsden. He’s recently achieved mainstream notoriety thanks to several guest spots, the most notoriety-able  being his long verse in Big Boi’s “You Ain’t No DJ” off Big Boi’s Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. His first full-length album, Radioactive, will be released September 27.

Yelawolf is a lot like Eminem, which is to say he’s white and from a poor family and he seems angry. The comparison is lazy and no doubt tired by now — look! they’re both white and poor! — but oh well: Yelawolf is kinda like Eminem if Eminem was a 21st century Faulkner character dealing with substance abuse and obsessed with hip-hop culture. (His lyrics have even been called “Faulknerian.”) His rhymes contain references to meth, Mossy Oak, and catfish fries.

And if all that bothers you, don’t worry: he also raps about wearing “Crimson Tide Alabama sweat pants.” His dad also occasionally shoots trespassers in the back, trespassers who try to “steal his ammo,” trespassers who wear conspicuous, officially licensed orange and navy hoodies.

Warning: The video is full of colorful language and general NSFWness.

Giving publicity to Bama fans who make a living fantasizing about a Dirty South dystopia (the “Heavy Metal” graffiti with the Bama-script “A” is a nice touch) where Auburn fans are casually shot in the back with shotguns (if you can’t beat’em, murder’em) is something we typically try to avoid. But “tracking Auburn in pop culture” means tracking Auburn in pop culture, wherever it leadeth.

Eagle Eye Award to Mal Jenkins, who also noticed a Bama “A” tattoo on the dude’s forearm.

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