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Nosa Eguae On Getting Flipped Off By Bama Fans Young and Old

Nosa looks like a very mean thing himself.

Texpatriate defensive end and planking pioneer Nosa Eguae reminisced on the Iron Bowl for reporters at Auburn’s reporting day yesterday. And apparently Greg McElroy wasn’t the only one flipping birds last November.

“When you’re on a bus and you get into Tuscaloosa and you see some very mean things when you look outside at Alabama fans, you start to realize what this is,” Eguae said. “I realized it when I took my visit and I went to an Auburn-Alabama basketball game and I saw how seriously they take it in this state, and that’s the reason why we come here.”

When Eguae was asked exactly what sort of mean things he’d seen, he replied “Aww, man… just some fingers. By some very little kids and old women.”

“We go back home and we talk to guys who play at UT and other universities in Texas and we tell them that the rivalries in the Big 12, the rivalries in any other part of the country other than the SEC aren’t rivalries,” he said. “We are playing for a rivalry and we definitely don’t take it for granted. It’s a blessing to play in that game and I’m looking forward to playing in it this year, for sure.”

Photo via HABOTN.

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