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Florence Japanese Steakhouse’s ‘Alabama Roll’ is Four Dollars More Than The ‘Auburn Roll’

Everyone knows that the Shoals area is predominantly crimson, even Japanese Steakhouse proprietors.

Really, when you think about it, there isn’t enough theme food for fans. Tiger’s blood sno-cones, I guess. Bama fans in the Midwest might get  jollies on elephant ears. Umi Steakhouse in Florence, the opal of the Quad Cities, is seeking to tackle the niche market by offering Alabama and Auburn themed rolls—but something seems a little fishy.

The Alabama Roll–how they resisted calling it the Roll Tide, I’ll never know–seems a tad overkill (shocking!):  Three kinds of fish! Two types of sauce! And $4 dollars more than the Auburn Roll, which is rather tame by comparison: Chicken. Cream Cheese. Crab. Pretty straightforward.

A tale of two rolls, a tale of two teams. One understated, the other a lot of flash…and way more likely to cause indigestion.

UPDATE: We just checked their online menu—the Auburn Roll seems to have disappeared (we’ve having that effect on a lot of people lately) but, yes, there is now a “Roll Tide Roll.” It comes with a “Championship Sauce” that’s supposed to be made with 13 different spices. But we’re told you can only taste eight.

Photo via the hungry Kenny Smith.

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