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ESPN in Auburn Tuesday Shooting Footage for Upcoming Iron Bowl Film

ESPN camera crews are filming at Toomer's Corner today for an upcoming film on the Iron Bowl.

The barricades around the Toomer’s Oaks were removed temporarily this morning. ESPN’s camera crew needed to get a better shot.

The World Wide Leader is conducting interviews and shooting footage in Auburn Tuesday for Roll Tide, War Eagle, a feature on the Iron Bowl rivalry to air this fall.

“It’s a brief history on the last couple of years of the rivalry,” said ESPN senior producer Martin Khodabakhshian. “In 2009 Alabama had a pretty good year and in 2010 Auburn had a pretty good year.”

Khodabakhshian will Auburn horticulture professor Dr. Gary Keever at Toomer’s Corner later this afternoon.

“We’re just focusing on things that have happened over the last two years: Championships, Heisman winners, trees getting poisoned, tornados,” he said. “It seems like it took a force of mother nature to bring the two sides together.”

Roll Tide, War Eagle will air November 8 at 8 p.m. on ESPN.

“There’s a nice, redemptive quality to the film,” Khodabakhshian said. “But two weeks later both sides are still going to look at each other and say ‘I want to rip your throat out.'”

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