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Clint Moseley Mans Up To The Mic

You knew it from the first beat tweet last night—this wasn’t going to be some Burns ‘n’ Todd kumbayah, at least publicly. Hairy Trotter got the call as Auburn’s starting QB, and Clint Moseley was torn up; the line “Biggest Disappointment of My Life. Period.” does not for a Jumbotron montage make.

And though it’s not quite as dramatic on YouTube as the reporters who saw it live (and who praised the hell out of Moseley for even showing up to talk to them) made it seem last night, Moseley’s reaction is still pretty grueling to watch:

War Eagle, Clint. Thanks for what you do. I’m sure you’ll come in for an injured Beard in the Iron Bowl, float one up for Sanders, and win the Heisman of our hearts.

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