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Auburn Marching Band Incorporating Heisman Pose Into Halftime Performance

All In: Many Band Nerds died to bring us this information. They probably would have caught that reference.

Rachel Inniss has apparently started a trend.

This past season, the Auburn gymnast included a Heisman pose in her floor routine (which was of course set to “All I Do Is Win”), in part to get a rise out of Bama fans, she later told TWER. (It worked.)

Now the Auburn University Marching Band is getting in on the action by Going Cam during the middle of the Rocky theme, one of the songs featured in the specially arranged medley celebrating Auburn’s national championship that will be performed this season during halftime.

We first caught woodwind of the news while on campus Tuesday night filming crucial, crucial video of the new artwork going up at Jordan-Hare Stadium. We heard flutes. We heard Rocky. We spun around in the direction of the Student Center greenspace. And just before the battery (and our cameraman) died, we caught this:

Don’t mention it.

But yes, that the little movement there at :02 was indeed the Heisman pose has since been confirmed to us by sources deep within the AUMB system, texting on the condition of anonymity. We are also told that many more band-ish excitements await. And as someone who held the clarinet for several years as a teenager, our editor can’t wait—he’ll be the dude in the “Halftime is Gametime” shirt screaming at people to hold it to the third quarter.

UPDATE: Turns out we wouldn’t have had to stalk the flute section had we just gone to that Band-O-Rama thing a couple of weeks ago:

h/t reader Auburngirl.

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