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Auburn Football Team Gives Jason Dufner a Standing Ovation

Putt, Dufner, Putt.... awww...

If watching the PGA Championship slip through former Auburn golfer Jason Dufner’s fingers Sunday afternoon was almost as painful for you as watching Auburn lose in football, you weren’t alone.

When Dufner returned home to Auburn yesterday he got a call from Auburn’s coaching staff inviting him to the athletic complex where he received condolences and kudos from the entire Auburn football team.

“I walked into one of the auditoriums and the whole team was in there and they gave me a standing ovation,” Dufner told PGATour.com. “So that’s pretty cool… You wouldn’t expect a 320-pound defensive lineman to be watching golf on Sunday but they were. And for the coaches to take time out from their meetings and their practice on Sunday to say, hey, we were checking text messages and watching when we could. That was a pretty neat experience. That was probably the biggest thing that stood out for me yesterday.”

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