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Auburn Engineers Fly Mechanical Eagle Around Indoor Practice Facility

Waarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ‘Thopter, Hey!

First the Roomba for your yard, then the War Eagle Moment from space. And this morning, three Auburn engineering students—Emile Ewing, Jarred Beck, and Brian Pappas—took an ornithopter on a test flight at Auburn’s new indoor football practice facility!

What’s an ornithopter?

“It’s basically a flying mechanical bird,” says Sally Credille, communications’ editor for the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering’s Office of Communications and Marketing. “Everybody know about our War Eagle. That’s pretty much what this is, except its mechanical.” (Can’t see the video? Try here.)

The creature is part of a senior design project and operates via remote control.

“Basically the students take existing kits and they tweak them,” Credille says. And they’ve done it before.

“A couple of years ago they flew one around the stadium.”

Not just any one — “Robo-Nova.”

Yep. Kind of awesome.

Auburn officials are still brainstorming surrogates for the Toomer’s Oaks. But it’s nice to know that if Nova or Spirit are next on Bama’s hit list, thanks to our industrious Auburn engineers, gameday won’t skip a beat.

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