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  1. I know you’re mostly kidding, but if someone really did try to go after our birds a la that dumb LSU fan, it’s good to know there would be some serious federal charges levied. Bastards.

  2. I have been a long time reader of TWER but I have never posted. You guys run a great site! I was actually a part of the original ornithopter senior design team that assembled the birds and flew them in the stadium video above (I am the guy in the blue/black rain jacket with the brown hat). We were actually able to fly them in the old indoor practice facility and the stadium. We also had a wireless camera mounted on our bird that streamed video back to a computer on the ground. I have plenty more video if you guys ever need any and I think it is safe to say, if Nova or Spirit ever goes down we have a backup, maybe not as exciting but at least it’s a back up. Who knows, maybe we could use the ornithopters as spy birds for the football team…haha…WAR EAGLE!!!

  3. The new video doesn’t cut before a crash. I was the one launching it. The pilot cut the power and it glided down right in the corner. They stopped taping before it landed.


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