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  1. And I was going to frame by NCG ticket with the free poster they gave out at the celebration…but you’ve given me pause with this pic!

  2. I’m so optimistic, I don’t see Auburn losing more than 3 games. Everyone is going to overlook us. Heck, I bet Utah State is even saying, “ha, they lost Cam Newton, now we have a chance.” The dropoff from Newton to Trotter won’t be nearly as far as people expect. BT might not gash a defense on a 40-yard run twice a game, but he will pickup A LOT OF 7-8 yard first downs. In fact, this year’s offense might prove more laborious for opposing defenses because it will combine the hurry-up with 20-play TD drives instead of 8-play ones.

  3. BTW, I Love the illustration, especially the glasses. Cause they show how smart she is.

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