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  1. Unless it’s a giant statue of the two oaks, rolling anything else just doesn’t seem right. But maybe that’s just me.

  2. This is an opportunity to bow out of a tired tradition so we can create a new “celebration” which doesn’t revolve around defacing our own campus.

  3. SMR, I’m with you, but I’m just not convinced tree statues would look good enough. I’m mean, google ‘tree statue” and you’ll see the Joyce Kilmer was right – ‘only God can make a tree.’

    So, short of making art history with the world’s first awesome tree statue, I’m hoping for a 50-foot tall, steel, A-shaped arch spanning the entire intersection.

  4. Giant interlocking AU? I dunno, the tree works because there are so many little branches to snag TP, most manmade structures are going to be too slick to hold onto any appreciable mass of TP

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