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Hare Family New Owners of AuburnArt

We call him "legend." They call him "Grandpa."

The ownership of AuburnArt has gone meta.

The memorabilia dot-com turned Toomer’s Corner storefront was recently acquired by Cliff J. Hare and Clifford L. Hare, grandson and great-grandson of Auburn legend Cliff L. Hare, co-namesake of Jordan-Hare Stadium.

“It’s important to understand our heritage because it is a large piece of the foundation of Auburn,” said Hare the younger, a 2007 Auburn graduate in industrial design, in a press release. “Just as my great-grandfather built a legacy in Auburn, I too hope to build AuburnArt into a legacy that all Auburn fans can enjoy as part of their Auburn experience.”

The next step on reclaiming the historical integrity of downtown: Get Shug Jr. to shout “Welcome to Moes!”

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