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Auburn’s Student-built Satellite Will Signal That It’s ‘Alive’ with Coded ‘War Eagle’

SATELLITE WITH SPIRIT! (They can't show us too much...'cause it's technically a weapon or something.)

Despite the scuttling of the space shuttle program, Auburn’s dominion over the stars will continue.

AubieSat-1, the first in a series of satellites built by students in the Auburn University Student Space Program will be launched into orbit from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base on October 25. The four-inch cube-shaped satellite will hitch a ride to space aboard a Delta II rocket alongside four other student built satellites from Utah State, Montana State, and Michigan. The purpose? To test the efficiency of solar panels operating in the harsh environment of space.

And to say “War Eagle.”

“Essentially, 51 minutes after it [AubieSat-1] deploys from the rocket it will start transmitting its beacon,” says Auburn student Ian Locklar, who has been in charge of the student satellite project over the summer. “When it comes over Auburn and we hear it transmitting, we can send up a [Morse code] command and the command is to tell us ‘Are you alive?” And if it is, then it will transmit ‘War Eagle.’ That’s how we’ll know it’s alive.”

Best proof of life / War Eagle Moment ever.

H/ T Matthew Harrell. Photo via.

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