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Auburn Grad Chisels “War Eagle” Into the Cheek of The Sphinx

Ever to chisel, never to yield to Egyptian authorities ’cause he’s fighting to save the world so get over it.

Partisan pranking is part of the pageantry of college football, the back-and-forthing between Auburn and Alabama being a prime example. The pathos of Bama students graffiti-ing their own campus and blaming Auburn is simply primo… and of course there’s the fun-poking—or, in Bama’s case, tradition-killing—episodes of late. But in terms of pure risk of international incident and the desecration of icons of antiquity, what happened in Cairo in 1942 has to take the cake.

Just before taking on Rommel’s dreaded Afrika Korps in Operation Torch, Auburn native and graduate Capt. Earle R. Smith (’30)—he managed the football team his senior year, played baseball as a freshman, and was a four-year member of the Wirt Literary Society (Auburn’s version of The Finer Things Club)—serving with an AAF unit attached to the British 8th Army, bribed his Egyptian tour guide to look the other way while he scaled the side of the Great Sphinx of Giza. (Because that’s what you do on the eve of Nazi Armageddon).

Then he bribed him to bring him a chisel. And to stand lookout.

From the July 7, 1944 Plainsman:

Gazing upon the huge, inscrutable countenance, the captain, always a loyal Auburn man, decided that [the Sphinx] had been silent long enough and that henceforward it should proclaim, or at least exhibit, to the whole world a symbol of that dauntless “Spirit” which has made the college of the Plains famous throughout the world of sports…

After a laborious assent the Auburn grad went at his job, chiseling away under the relentless desert sun. He cut “War Eagle” in bold letters across one cheek. His reward would come when Auburn men of the future, looking on that inscription, would thrill with pride.

I’ve never been to the Sphinx. I’m assuming that inscription is by now illegible. Still, this Auburn man of the future thrilled with pride simply reading about it.

(But if Al from Dakhla learns about it the whole damn desert will be Spiked.)

Here’s a photo of stylin’ and profilin’ as manager of the Auburn football team (dutifully scanned by fellow Glomophile Kenny Smith).

I will cut a Sphinx.
I will cut a Sphinx.

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