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Hand Removing Toilet Paper Could Keep Toomer’s Tradition Alive

Might have to start cleaning up after yourself, kid.

We might still be able to roll Toomer’s come Fall… if someone takes the removal of the toilet paper into their own hands.

“We’re looking at another strategy — possibly removing the toilet paper by hand and still allowing the trees to be rolled,” Auburn Professor of Horticulture Dr. Gary Keever told WLTZ 38 in an interview yesterday.

If so—and if it was somehow pitched as a community effort—then cleaning the trees could become a tradition on par with rolling them (to the even further consternation of our rivals, no doubt). Wake Forest, which has a similar rolling tradition, has sometimes relied on volunteer student groups to help pick toilet paper up in its quad—at least the stuff on the ground. (As for the stuff in the trees, the Demon Deacons just leave it up there.)

That doesn’t appear to be an option at Auburn.

“What we do want to avoid… is the toilet paper being lit on fire,” Keever said. “We want to avoid the high pressure water and the loss of plant parts.”

The Toomer’s Oaks Task Force announced last week that the decision of whether or not to continue rolling Toomer’s Corner would be made later this summer.

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