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Cam Newton Shoots Under Armour Commercial with Tom Brady… and Justin Timberlake?

GQ was just the tip of The Cam Newton Summer of Style iceberg.

The Blessed Individual is finally having to put his muscles where his record-breaking Under Armour endorsement deal is… which is currently College of the Canyons in Valencia, California (aka Awesometown), where Newton is shooting one of several Under Armour commercials* with fellow Click Clack quarterback Tom Brady (who at a fan event after the shoot took suggestions on what questions he should ask Newton in some upcoming publicity interview thing).

Bring it on down to Heismanville.

And with Justin Timberlake.

Or at least according to a couple of Tweets yesterday (including one from former Northern Arizona quarterback Michael Herrick) announcing Newton, Brady… and Timberlake’s arrival on the College of the Canyons campus.

As for Timberlake’s involvement (musician? director? cross-trainer?), we suppose it could be a natural fit, or at least a fun one. For a Justin Bieber fan like Newton, it’s got to be an honor. And who better to help Timberlake bring sexy back than a GQ model?

The commercials are scheduled to hit the airwaves in August.

* Perhaps the one with the super-secret plans that we were not asked to take down in January because they don’t exist.

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