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  1. I am so tired of this unity crap, I’m tired of seeing my schools colors, logos, and motto’s muddied by that of another much less the tahds. I don’t want their help with Toomer’s and I sure as hell don’t want a “unity” tree from them planted any where near Auburn’s campus. Their fan base has consistently shown their ass and lack of class in many, many ways and I dont want anything to do with any association with them, in anyway. I feel bad for the people affected, I personally have family that lives/lived there but leave the schools out of it. After the way they’ve treated Auburn over the years, hell after the events of this past season, for god’s sake please quit giving them media attention and doing their PR leg work for them.

    -buck fama

  2. Well, it didn’t take long for someone to cry foul.

    Personally, I’d like to think that this in particular is a sign of sportsmanship and support for the visiting players on the Tide team, more than the University or the fanbase or anyone else. Several of their baseball players were severely affected by the storms.

  3. The above post is one of a small minded man. A man with no compassion. A man with no sense of humanity or brotherhood. After I read it, it made me a little sad. However, as the above post is Jason’s opinion, this post is mine…

  4. Does anyone know the meaning behind the red and white portion of the ‘A’ being slightly larger than the orange and blue portion? When I first saw this logo on Facebook I noticed that and I haven’t heard an explanation.

  5. Neal- I don’t think there’s anything meant by the colors in the logo. While I won’t go as far as to echo what Jason said, the one thing that bothers me about the “Toomers for Tuscaloosa” organization is the intense focus of outreach efforts on one portion of the state because of a football rivalry, when there is much, much more destruction elsewhere in the state that is perhaps not getting the attention, aid, and relief it needs. Why should we be obsessed with only helping Tuscaloosa? Why not help form an organization to help the entire state, Tuscaloosa included?

    I do realize that TFT is doing a lot of good. I think that we should help Tuscaloosa because we are Alabamians, just like we should help all areas of the state that have been affected, because we are Alabamians.

    And, no, this logo shouldn’t be on our baseball field.

  6. While I may not go as far as Jason, I”m tired of the love fest also. If you want to help someone whether they are from Tuscaloosa or not just do it. It should have nothing to do with either university.

  7. …and, this is for free: I think I made that logo with Microsoft Paint when I was eight.

  8. I gotta agree with Jared here… I am so tired of the pretend-Kumbayah PC bullcrap.

    “See! We all LOVE each other now!”

    When we all know its not true. Its just pretend garbage. The whole point about the aid and help being provided in Alabama after these tornadoes is that IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SPORTS. And it SHOULDN’T have anything to do with sports.

    But what do the Purveyors of the Politically Correct continue to want to do? Why, make it about sports, of course!


    Keep the Crimson OFF of Auburn fields and buildings, please. We stepped back and allowed them to co-opt the Toomers Oaks after a true bammer-through-and-through KILLED them. And now we let them co-opt our own home field.

    I repeat… RIDICULOUS.

  9. You see these kind of things while annoying are not supposed to just represent the two schools. The face of our state is represented on a national scale by our two schools for better or worse. In this time when our state is still in shock it is important for the two biggest reprsentatives of the people in this state to show unity in trying to work through the summer to fuix not just tuscaloosa but the whole state of alabama.

    But I guess whining about giving another team press is much more important.

    Thanks for reminding me why your fan base sucks so hard.

  10. It’s so much easier when the entire nation thinks we’re all uneducated inbreds that only care about football. This compassion stuff is hard work. But I believe in work, HARD WORK!

  11. I am shocked at some of the comments here! I absolutely love Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa and seeing the logo on the field! I love Auburn football, just as much as the next Auburn fan but it has gotten too big. Some people take the rivalry way too seriously, I’m looking at you, Jason and tiger7_88! When the storms devastated half of the state, it was heartbreaking and it still it is, but it was suck a blessing to see people helping their neighbors. Also, if you’re following TFT, you should know that they’re not just in Tuscaloosa. They are all over the state!

  12. Emily, in the “symbolism over substance” wisdom, its quite clear YOU are a proponent of symbolism and I am proponent of substance.

    Now, Little Miss Genius… can you please explain to me what SUBSTANTIVE GOOD putting this crimson on Auburn’s field accomplished? No fair answering “it made my little heart flutter with joy seeing all that crimson!” That has absolutely NOTHING to do with substance.

    I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to answer with anything other than platitudes and pablum. But I’d sure like to see you try.

  13. I can’t believe that a blog post about a logo on Auburn’s field that has some crimson in it would cause such a negative response.

    I mean seriously, who saw THAT coming?!?

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