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Rolling Toomer’s Corner deemed ‘doomed’… in 1978

A story in the September 28, 1978 issue of The Auburn Plainsman suggested that rolling Toomer's might be dunzo.

News that both Toomer’s oaks now show signs of poisoning makes the prospect of rolling the trees come fall even less likely. Unless the powers that be surprise us with a “roll’em while you got’em” policy, that particular tradition — at least, at that particular spot — could be history.

There was a similar sense of loss in 1978.

That’s when the power lines that typically bore the brunt of the toilet paper tossed by Auburn fans were buried underground forcing the focus of victory celebrations almost entirely toward the Toomer’s oaks. The lead for the Plainsman story detailing the “Downtown Project” renovation?

“A part of the traditional Toomer’s Corner victory rallies on Saturday may be doomed.”

(Funnily enough, the story ended with talk of replacing “the hollowed and diseased oaks that once hung menacingly over power lines and buildings” in the newly narrowed median in front of Samford Hall.)

Nature found a way once. Can it find it again?

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