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Pat Dye is stuck on Golden Flake

It’s damn near impossible to top Pat Dye building a fence of pressure treated pine on the five yard line for that Osmose commercial, but this early 90s spot for Golden Spot is certainly worth mentioning. Rarely has the unspoken rule that coaches can only peddle products with footbaw metaphors been so loud (and so southern — when he says “for any occasion,” it almost sounds like Dom DeLuise in The Best Little Whore House in Texas).

Tommy Tuberville would later attempt to actually incorporate Golden Flake’s strategy into his actual game plan, for a dandy (“Golden Flake,” wrote The Auburner, “More like Golden Globe.”) 30 seconds of his own.

Here’s another same-era Dye ad for Golden Flake, who knows what the Old College Try really means.

The Spring of Dye continues… previous installments here, here, here, here, and here.

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