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Cam Newton still in contact with students at Auburn elementary school

Four Wright's Mill Road Elementary School students mentored by Cam Newton pose at the school's "Cam Day" assembly last December.

Cam Newton hasn’t forgotten Wright’s Mill Road Elementary School.

In April, the No. 1 draft pick participated in a 30-minute conference call with the four Wright’s Mill Road students he mentored each week last fall.

“I gathered [the boys] in my office and he asked them how their grades were doing, how their behavior was, and just holding them accountable,” said Wright’s Mill Road principal Lynda Tremaine.

“He’s busy,” Tremaine said. “He’s getting big time, but it was really good hearing that same voice again. It was just the same old Cam.”

Newton last visited the school in December before the Heisman Trophy ceremonies. Wright’s Mill Road faculty surprised the eventual Heisman winner with an assembly in his honor, thanking him for his volunteer work and wishing him well on his trip to New York.

Newton later donated the $200 fee he received for his December appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman to the school.

“I’ve got [a copy of the check] right here. It says from World Wide Pants,” Tremaine said. “But yeah, that money is in the bank.”

Tremaine said Newton had a wide impact on the school.

“He just made it such a special year for everybody,” she said.

“In fact, a little first grade girl told me about two weeks ago, ‘Mrs. Tremaine, today’s my birthday and it’s also Cam’s birthday.’ I have his parents address and she made him a card and we mailed it to him. So it’s not all just the boys.”

Tremaine said Newton plans to visit the school when he can.

“He promised to come back and see us and I’m holding him to it,” she said. “A couple of the other football players have come over and met with some of the kids, but you know, that Cam is a hard act to follow.”

Photo courtesy John Wild / Wrights Mill Road Elementary

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