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Auburn license plates now available in three more states

Auburn fans can now show their colors a little easier deep int heart of the Texas

According to Auburn’s Office of Communication and Marketing, Auburn fans living in North Carolina can finally put those look-at-me Wright Brothers in their place.

Auburn license plates are now available in the Tar Heel State, thanks to the efforts of the Auburn Charlotte Club. A portion of the proceeds from the states’s Auburn tag sales (after the initial 300) will help fund scholarships for Auburn students from North Carolina.

Their palmetto stickered southern neighbors scored a similar deal.

The Palmetto Auburn Club recently completed the application process for Auburn tags to be made available in South Carolina, with up to 94 percent of the sale possibly going to the South Carolina License to Learn Scholarship Endowment Fund.

But probably the most Auburny of the newly available, scholarship-funding Auburn tags is the one fans in Texas can order, which not only features the interlocking AU logo, but an orange and blue border, “Auburn University” and “War Eagle!”

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