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The Auburn sign over Nikki Cox’s left shoulder in the 5th season of ‘Unhappily Ever After’ intro

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Brandon’s cousin?

Can you spot the obvious Auburn Fans Parking Only sign in the background of the 5th (and last) season intro to The WB’s late 90s, Nikki Cox-starring Married With Children knockoff Unhappily Ever After?

Neither could we, ba-dum. (Can’t see the video? Try here.)

We’re told it only appears in the opening credits, never in the garage scenes in any of the actual episodes. That, coupled with the perfectly framed (so we’re told) placement behind Nikki Cox in the opening shot, would seem to suggest the deliberate work of an Auburn fan on set. We’re actually hoping IMDB can confirm our theory that a rogue War Eaglin’ props assistant is responsible for this, this, this, this, and even, somehow, this… for all of it, sort of the Banksy of Auburn product placement. And that he or she will agree to an interview (but only wearing a Bobby Lowder mask).

Eagle Eye Award: Paul Thompson.

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