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Stuart Mandel’s favorite campus cuisine is Momma Goldberg’s… in Tuscaloosa

Is nothing sacred?

Don DeMent’s decision to franchise the gospel of Momma’s Love beyond the Plains has backfired, as Tuscaloosa — not Auburn — was recently given credit for our one local delicacy (besides God’s lemonade) of note.

In his latest “College Football Mailbag” column, Sports Illustrated football writer Stuart Mandel was asked to discuss “all the great college food opportunities” he’s encountered “from stadium to stadium or campus to campus.”

His reply:

I don’t want to tread too much on Andy Staples’ turf. He’s already established himself as college football’s leading barbecue authority. But as listeners of my podcast know, I’m far more obsessed with sandwiches than smokehouses. I’m not ashamed to admit I eat some sort of grilled-chicken sandwich for lunch roughly 250 days a year. However, during a recent trip to Tuscaloosa, someone took me to Mama Goldberg’s, where I enjoyed an outstanding $4.95 Reuben. (I’m told there’s a location at Auburn, too.)

OK, sure, it was technically the Reuben, but still, slopped and steamed, they basically all taste the same.

We can only hope Tracy Wolfson follows up her Cammy Cam Juice performance piece with a special on “Jordan-Hare’s trademark Dreamland ribs” ( … which, frankly, we still can’t believe exist).

UDPATE: Per Walt, yes, Mandel has now amended his parenthetical to “(The original location is in Auburn.).”

H/T @TheAuburner.

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