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  1. Love me some Notes from the Beat!

    Just curious, but what is the reason for fewer NFTB this Spring? Is there just not as much news this year, or is there some other reason? You mention that Benton is getting a lot of attention, but I haven’t seen anything about him mentioned anywhere. Is he getting good comments from the coaches?

  2. Well, you see, Jerry worked at a fast-paced no-huddle Gus Malzahn style speed, cranking out at least four Notes from the Beat every hour, while I slow it down to more of a second half Tuberville/Borges pace, just grinding the clock out until the end of the offseason.

    I’m kidding. Truthfully, I’m still trying to get into a rhythm as far as regular content goes. Stay with us.

    As for DeAngelo Benton: He hasn’t been getting too much attention, but the attention that Trooper Taylor has been giving around has been going to Emory Blake and to D-Lo.

  3. Thanks a lot! I pretty much just read Jay G. Tate’s stuff, so it’s nice to come over here and get anything I might’ve missed from the other beat hacks.

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