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Georgia Senate honors The Blessed Individual with “War Eagles”, awkardness

Cam’s eyebrows go up. Cecil looks to the sky. Cam looks at Cecil. Cecil takes a swig of Dasani. Cam nudges Cecil, who hands the bottle to Cam. Cam takes a sip. Yes, the whole unfortunately worded “unfortunately Georgia didn’t offer him the best contract” line from Donzella James five minutes and 23 seconds into the Georgia State Senate’s presentation honoring Cam Newton is fantastically awkward. But hey, it’s The Blessed Individual (he beat “Albany University,” for cryin’ out loud). You can’t look away.

Other points of interest: Secdrick McIntyre’s brother-in-law / Jeris McIntyre’s uncle speaks somewhere in there, and Sen. George Hooks, an Auburn grad, takes the mic at 11:02, and proceeds to rub it in to the Georgia fans, remind the world that a Bama fan poisoned our trees, and lead the senate in a “War Eagle.” And if you can make it there, there’s another fun “War Eagle” exchange with an Auburn grad — Cam “brought honor” to the guy’s family — at the end.

Cam starts at 12:10.

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