Auburn coeds at the 1973 Lambda Chi Alpha Watermelon Bust

Excuses, excuses…

Wiz Khalifa, the rapper behind the “Orange Navy“-inspiring “Black and Yellow,” is playing the Lambda Chi house Friday night. Google says there’s a YouTube video of Wiz Khalifa poking fun of late Washington D.C. media legend / civil rights activist Petey Green‘s popular instructional video “How To Eat A Watermelon.” And thus our fixation on Auburn’s early-mid 70s finds yet another timely excuse for expression… in this case, 29 never-before-seen photos from the 1973 (we think) Lambda Chi Alpha Watermelon Bust.

Wiz, Petey, men who were enrolled at Auburn 40 years ago — THIS is how you eat a watermelon (and spit out the seeds)click the photos to enlarge, click again to enlarge some more.

… and how you spit out the seeds.

Recognize anyone? As always, names-to-faces comments are appreciated.

Photos by the great Larry Parker.

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