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Underwater Bracket Weaving: 2011 TWER Bracket Challenge


Jerry is on vacation (from TWER . . . he’s coming back some day . . . keep refreshing the page), but we’re here to post a link to this year’s TWER Bracket Challenge. Last year Jerry had a whole post accompanying the bracket link with insight and knowledge and picking strategies. Not so much this year. We’ve watched all of two college basketball games this season. And those were Auburn games. And we fell asleep during the second half of one of those. We know nothing. Which means we will have our best year of picking. March Madness is counterintuitive.

How to join:

1. Click here for Yahoo Tourney Pick ‘Em.

2. Create a username.

3. Join The War Eagle Reader group. Group ID #: 128038

4. Fill in your bracket.

5. Watch basketball.

6. Give up on your bracket after the first day of the second round and root for underdogs.

Shout-out and general bragging rights for the winner.

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