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  1. The 2001 LSU game was also the game in which Auburn was hit with a 15 yard penalty BEFORE THE GAME STARTED for jumping in the Tiger Eyes, wasn’t it? The officials threw the flag during pregame (didn’t know that was even allowable) and LSU led the game with an onside kick and score.

    I think. It may not have happened exactly like that, but that’s what I remember right off-hand.

  2. Sugar Bowl TDs (from memory, haven’t looked it up):
    1983 – None, 3 Del Greco FGs
    1987 – 1 TD…Walter Reeves?
    1988 – none, two Win Lyle FGs. Would’ve been two if FSU didn’t maul Freddie
    2004 – 1 TD, Devin Aromashodu, first drive of the 2nd half. came a few plays after a scrambling JC hit big Anthony Mix for a long pass deep into VT territory

  3. Back in 2004, I remember finding a website that would let you change the outcome of any number of games to determine how it would affect the BCS standings. Either of these would have put Auburn at #2 and in the BCS NCG

    1. Tennessee doesn’t inexplicably lose to a bad ND team
    2. Auburn plays and beats Bowling Green, while Oklahoma plays a d-1aa team

    Other “games that didn’t happen”:
    -The mid-2000s home-and-home with Notre Dame or Michigan (both turned us down, as reported by Ivan Maisel)
    -The 2010 Chick-Fil-A kickoff against UCLA. Does Cam have a coming-out party a few weeks earlier, or do we still have kinks to work out?
    -An extended home-and-home against Nebraska in 1983 and 1984. If Auburn wins in 1983, then Nebraska is out of the picture, Texas loses to UGA, and Auburn is easily #1
    -The 1991 Iron Bowl…in Auburn. Auburn was “forced” to play one last home game in Birmingham and lost to bama by 7. What if that game is in Auburn?
    -The 2002 SEC Championship game – If Michael Johnson doesn’t push Horace Willis on 4th and 15, it would have been a rematch of Auburn-Florida (instead of Arkansas-Georgia). Florida won the first game in OT, but that Auburn team gelled in the second half of that game (after Campbell replaced Cobb for good) and the only loss the rest of the way was that UGA game.
    -2004 SEC Championship game…against Georgia – Georgia was, I believe, the 3rd best team in the country in 2004 (behind Auburn and SC). Somehow, they lost to an average UT team and then lost the tiebreaker when both finished 6-2. What if Georgia wins that game, Auburn beats them again in Atlanta, and Auburn’s SOS gets a bump from playing a better team in the SECCG?

    Out of the originals, the changed GT series is the biggest one to me. That could have changed the entire 04 season as well.

  4. Dunno about Caddy in the 01 LSU game. He didn’t really play much until the Vandy game that year. He only had 1 catch in the upset over UF. The #1 running back early in 2001 was actually Casinious Moore (Ronnie Brown got hurt in the Ball St game)

  5. If I remember correctly, Urban Meyer had moved on from Bowling Green by 2004 and was the head coach at Utah. Gregg Brandon (Meyer’s offensive coordinator there 2000-02) was the head coach at Bowling Green in 2004.

  6. Sugar Bowl TDs –
    – 1983 vs. Michigan – none, all FGs (AU 9-7)
    – 1987 vs. Syracuse – 1, Lawyer Tillman (Tie 16-16)
    – 1988 vs. Florida State – 1, not sure who. Guessing a pass from Reggie Slack (FSU 13-7)
    – 2004 vs. Virginia Tech – 1, Campbell to Aromashodu in the 3rd quarter to go up 16-0 (AU 16-13)

    So that’s just three TDs in four games…good thing for Al Del Greco, Win Lyle, and John Vaughn!

    Also, missing from the Best Games list is a kind of obvious one – the 2005 Orange Bowl vs. USC for the national title. Campbell, Cadillac, and Ronnie certainly would’ve done better than the 55-

  7. I’m thinking that it was Lawyer Tillman catching the TD against Syracuse in the 87 Sugar and Walter Reeves catching the TD against FSU in the 88 Sugar.
    Good additions and corrections so far, guys. I agree–the 2004/05 Orange should have been included. Whoops.

  8. uh yeah urbz had definitely left bowling green by 2004. 04 was the year he coached Alex Smith and Utah to the Fiesta Bowl.

  9. That’s true about Caddy in ’01. I forgot he was just starting out that year. What stuck out for me about his first two seasons was that he only played one quarter against Alabama those first two years (hurt in the 1st in 2001, and already out for season after UF in 02) and did not play against LSU until his junior (!) season, because the 01 game was moved to the end of that year.

  10. wasn’t there the possibility of a season opener against Cal in the georgia dome a year or two ago…or maybe the 2010 season that never materialized? I wish we would get into more of those neutral site games that get you some serious exposure. Granted we got a ton of exposure this past season though not all of it positive, but there is something really satisfying about seeing your team win on a neutral field and even more when they go to someone elses house and hand it to them. I’d love to see a home and home with texas, ohio state, florida state, miami, etc. We did the home/home with USC just before they went into dynasty mode. I think oregon would do a home/home with us now. I know the loss of home game revenue is why the schools really don’t do it…aside from the possibility of losing and ruining your season. I say whip’em out and go big!

  11. If you could do a home/neutral/home like GT was supposed to be in early 90’s who would you like to see us play and why? I think I’d prefer FSU, Miami, or an up and comer like UCF. Would be nice to make a weekend vacation out of it on 2 of those 3.

  12. I recall the TD in the ’88 Sugar was from Slack to R. Reeves just before the half. Best thing was how Reeves dragged Deion Sanders into the endzone. Sanders wasn’t much of a factor that game, except for the final int at the end.

  13. gotta say I was one of the students doing the “Tomahawk Chop” after the 90 FSU game. Great game.

  14. I was in the band back in ’90. At one point in the second half, one of our trumpet players either knew or figured out the notes for the FSU war chant and quickly taught it to the people around him. It spread like wildfire through the band, and for pretty much all of the fourth quarter we were playing the war chant just as much as they were. I’m not sure anyone ever did that to FSU, before or since. Dr. Vinson tried to stop us, but once the student section picked it up, it was over.

    Bonus memory: The best beer ever was the one I chugged immediately after that game at some random person’s tailgate behind the Pharmacy building.

  15. Bobby Bowden is a lowlife who wraps himself and his gargantuan ego in religion to cover his tracks. That is all.

  16. Regarding FSU ’90… the student section (or at least a sizable portion of it) was doing its own variation on the Criminole chant. The version going on around me (call it the 35 yard line, lower section) went, “There’s a Seminole, coming out my a**hole…”

    After the game, my dad, who’d been sitting directly opposite the student section, remarked, “Y’all changed that a little bit, didn’t ya?”

  17. What a thought provoking article. Thanks a million for helping me relive many of the years when I went to every Auburn game. Another note about that 2001 LSU game. Damun Duval actually had a “shrink” following him around on the field in the pregame warmups. You can see the guy walking near him in some of the old films. Weren’t they both walking through the LSU band during pregame?

    I also remember a 1986 game between Auburn and Kansas that was originally scheduled to be played in Tokyo, Japan. Smarter heads prevailed, and Auburn whipped them 56-0 in Auburn. That is the game that was 49-0 at halftime, and the Kansas coach spoke to the refs and the clock “ran” for much of the second half. A two hour game, if I remember correctly.

    Who would Auburn played in 1957, if they had been bowl eligible?. In those days, the bowl game was a reward for a great season, and the National Championship has already been awarded. At that time the Big Ten could only go to the Rose Bowl (Ohio State). I haven’t looked at the other great teams that year. Notre Dame, who had their 47 game win streak ended, didn’t go to bowls in those days.

    In 1958, might Auburn have been matched up in an all-Southern Sugar Bowl against undefeated LSU ?

    In 1963, Auburn lost to an unsung Mississippi State team 13-10. If they were undefeated, they might well have played Texas, who won the National Championship, in the Cotton Bowl that year. Again, the NC was awarded before the bowl game.

    Another thing to think about…from 1964-1968, Auburn won 6,5,4,6. and 7 games. If that kind of thing had happened in today’s age of talk radio, wall-to-wall blogs, etc, would Shug have survived that scrutiny?

  18. I enjoyed this, and have long thought of how the ND/AU Sugar Bowl would have played out.

    Though going a but further back, 1958 would have produced some great games, if the SEC had its divisional alignment- AU may have repeated with wins over LSU and Ole Miss.

  19. 1991 Florida State game in Tallahassee in the aftermath of a $20,000 buyout by ending eight years remaining on a 10 year contract resulting of the SEC expansion

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