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The Auburn Fan’s “Survivor” Screencap Recap — Episode 4

All girls are prettier without makeup, and former Auburn cheerleaders in bikinis having to fight even harder for survival in the Nicaraguan jungle now that their biggest ally, supposedly one of reality television’s most infamous villains, has been banished from Redemption Island via domino duel are no exception*.

So, yeah, if you’re an Auburn fan, and you’ve really never watched the show or anything, and the only reason you’re interested this season is because you saw (on TWER, of course) that Krista Klumpp is on the show, and you think you might find the show interesting if you gave it a chance but for the time being you’re really just TiVo’ing through to find and, you know, support Krista, and if you don’t mind us flaking on our promise to recap each episode of the show with something more than screenshots and actually think that our idea to stop stalling and just straight up give the Auburn fan what he / she wants, and nothing else, until things start getting a bit nittier and grittier (if then), then here’s all you need to know about Wednesday night’s episode of “Survivor”:

* Except when they’re being water-boarded or something, like Krista Klumpp was during last week’s challenge.

Read TWER’s interview with Krista Klumpp here. See some great photos of her mom here.

If you’d like to write, you know, actual recaps of “Survivor: Redemption Islandfor TWER, drop us a line: [email protected]

Stills courtesy of CBS Broadcasting Inc.

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