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The Auburn Fan’s “Survivor” Screencap Recap — Klumpp in Krisis edition

Defense, Auburn, Defense!

Our former head cheerleader is down 24-0 on Survivor, having backed the wrong evil pony and pissed off the wrong stupid people. Early in the show’s 5th episode, we thought her more vocal partner in crime, the ditsy but determined Stephanie, would be the one to go when the time came. She did kind of blow the whole blindfolded “find-the-coffee” challenge. But alas, in the end, it was the suddenly talkative Krista who’s torch was extinguished. (If she’d had a power puzzle attorney like David, maybe she could argue that the majority of the votes actually weren’t for her – “everyone knows that Krasta and Crysta are really the ones out for blood!”)

Krista was forced to night vision her way to Redemption Island, an errand girl sent by Jeff Probst to collect a bill from pre-med Christian hunk Matt who she’ll face tonight in one of the do-or-die contests, which Matt seems to embrace with less and less Christian charity and more and more killer instinct as the show wears on (she and Stephanie had just seen him take down Kristina and call out Boston Rob). But win or lose, the whole thing might all have been worth it just for the line she got to lay on the haters at Tribal Council (who despite their early success in challenges, yeah, kind of seem like they don’t know what they’re doing): “It kinda seems like The Brady Bunch went camping and they invited the two neglected stepchildren to come along.”

But, again, here’s all the Auburn fan really needs to know (all you need to know from the last episode is here):

Here’s a preview of tonight’s episode:

Read TWER’s interview with Krista Klumpp here. See some great photos of her mom here. Watch a crazy fan video here — and we apologize to anyone who was confused by the title; it’s a Kriss Kross reference.

Stills courtesy of CBS Broadcasting Inc.

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