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Is Paul McDonald pandering to the ‘cougar vote’ with ‘jaguar’ pins and Freudian slips?

Whatever it takes.

The dream is dead — Krista Klumpp ist kaput, defeated by pre-med Christian hunk Matt in the do-or-die Redemption Island duel. Full coverage once we move past Denial. For now, we turn our full Auburnconnectionrealityshowtunnelvisionattention to our last and greatest hope, Paul McDonald, who has apparently taken to using subliminal sex appeal and Freudian slips to lock in American Idol’s coveted ‘cougar vote,’ which we are contractually obligated to angle into every single Paul McDonald post.

After smokin’ Smokey Robinson’s “Tracks of My Tears” like a Commander King non-filtered — it was this season’s Mo-Town Week — and receiving requisite “you’re a natural” kudos from the judges, Paul was debriefed by Ryan Seacrest with a question about the piece of flair peeking out from behind his guitar strap.

“Uh,” Paul replied, “it looks like a jaguar or something like that.”

“Like a cougar,” Ryan countered. “Get the cougar vote!

Paul laughed. Ryan laughed. Paul tried to strangle Ryan.

But if we’re talking sexual innuendo, it’s what may or may not have happened during the song — specifically, with the line Outside, I’m masquerading — that people are more likely to remember, at least now that Jimmy Kimmel has his hands on it.

No post-show comment so far on Paul’s Twitter account, other than “It’s been a long, long day. I’m exhausted.” Oh, and we’re still waiting for a “War Eagle.”

War Eagle.

Kimmel video courtesy the wonderful Nicole Klein.

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