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“Toomer’s Cellobration” returning to The Corner

Local cellist Charles Wright is coming back to Toomer's Corner.

Those who missed last week’s spontaneous (car) horn ‘n’ cello symphony at Toomer’s Corner are in luck.

Charles Wright, president of the board of the Auburn Community Orchestra, tells TWER he’ll be back out at the corner Thursday afternoon, and this time he’ll have company… and a slightly different message, one of mending rather than mourning.

Clay McKinney, a Montgomery-based cellist who graduated from the University of Alabama in 2003, will join Wright, an Auburn native and Auburn University alumnus, for a street performance of both school’s fight songs and alma maters in an orchestrated (ba-dum) demonstration of cometogetherness.

“It just feels like the culture around the rivalry has become literally and figuratively poisoned and it shouldn’t be that way because we’re neighbors,” Wright said. “We’re friends and we have so much in common and we need to emphasize that.”

The set list also currently includes “Let There Be Peace on Earth” and “The Way We Were.”

Music starts at 4:30 p.m.

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