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Tents go up around Toomer’s oaks, no decision yet on rolling the corner for upcoming football season

Tents placed around the base of the Toomer's oaks Monday as seen from the City of Auburn's Toomer's Corner webcam.

Auburn officials have yet to decide whether to ask fans to refrain from rolling the dying oaks at Toomer’s Corner during the 2011 football season. Experts say the trees could take up to a year to die, unless their situation changes.

“We have not had that discussion yet,” said university spokesperson Mike Clardy. “Right now we are focused on taking the steps we need to give them a fighting chance to make it to next season and beyond.”

A tarp was placed over the bedding area of the oaks Friday night to keep rainwater from going into the roots; a fence hung with signs asking fans to not roll the trees was also set up around the bedding area in anticipation of Saturday’s “Toomer’s Tree Hug” event.

Clardy says the change in scenery at the corner is short term.

“If you go by there today you will see tents around the base of the trees,” Clardy said. “The university is working with an outside tree service company to remove the affected soil around the roots. The tarps and tents are there to keep dust levels down.”

Information on the progress of the task force commissioned to save the iconic oaks, as well as decisions for the future related to fan celebrations, will be announced at www.auburn.edu/oaks .

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