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  1. expand the student section? He’s got my vote….if I still had a vote. Things will probably change next year with a NC in our pocket, but in recent years past it has ticked me off to see upper deck sections that weren’t full, with the memory of standing in the student section and having to actually turn to the side just so everyone would fit. We talked (again before the NC) about how consistently selling out the stadium would take away an argument against expansion. Expanding the student section is a two dead birds and one stone kind of thing.

  2. TWER, the omnipotent Kirby is aware of this interview and decided to – in his great kindness – allow Trevor to have a few thousand votes and make the loss not sting as much.

    Still, 42% is a big chunk of voters.

  3. The comment from Kirby Knows is a fine way to represent AU, but exactly what is expected from Kirby. Sad that AU students would elect someone with that type of character.

  4. Trevor – so impressed with the way you presented yourself! You are one smart and handsome young man! With your attitude, and intelligence there are great things in store for you! Let alone – you are the best looking fellow to ever walk on the AU campus! Simply Beautiful!

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