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Season of Our Dreams: TWER writers turn column into book on AU’s championship run

What kind of writing do you get with The War Eagle Reader? The book-worthy kind.

Back when Van Allen Plexico (’90) and John Ringer (’91) wrote their first “Wishbone” column for TWER — something about blue helmets and blue pants, surely the story of the year —  the 2010 season of Auburn football still felt relatively normal. It didn’t stay that way.

Instead, it turned into the kind of season you thank God you started documenting from the beginning because, if documented correctly, you’d have a 218-page book waiting for you at the end.

Plexico, co-author of SEASON OF OUR DREAMS: The 2010 Auburn Tigers, says he knew 2010 was hitting it’s literary stride about halfway through.

“It was sort of a gradual process, I think,” says Plexico, a writer and professor of Political Science and History at Southwestern Illinois College. “We were getting lots of good comments and it and seemed like people were enjoying the columns, so pretty early on, John and I were discussing the idea of making a book out of them.”

Published by Plexico’s own White Rocket Books, the book contains every “Wishbone” column from the preseason through the fabled Date in the Desert— plus a stadium full of extras. The cover photo was taken by Plexico’s wife Ami at the BCS National Championship Game, the only Auburn game he was able to attend this season.

“I’m a fan of political commentators like Tom Friedman who [compile their columns into books], so it seemed a natural idea,” he says. “Once the season started looking really special, though– maybe after Arkansas– I started thinking more seriously about it and trying to persuade John that it was a good idea!”

How good would the idea have stayed had Auburn slipped on it’s road to Glendale?

“We would have gone ahead with the book regardless of how the season came out, though it probably would’ve had a different title if things had transpired differently on the field,” Plexico says. “And, at the time, I’m not sure what either of us would have written about had we lost in Atlanta or Glendale.

He jokes that he had a “Losing the Iron Bowl” column half-written in his head before halftime.

“Just the other day, though, it came into my head, out of nowhere, exactly what I would have written if we’d lost to Oregon,” he says. “And I’m very glad I never had to write it. Celebrating a championship –in print– was much more fun.”

SEASON OF OUR DREAMS: The 2010 Auburn Tigers is available in trade paperback ($14.95) and in Kindle format ($2.99) from Amazon.com.

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