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‘Decadent, Depraved, and Degenerate’: The WEGL promo drops of Bro. Jed Smock

Every Auburn grad thinks that their years were the glory days of confrontational evangelism on The Plains (I wrote my first English composition paper on my first experience; in ’97 it was bagpipes, not Rickrolling.)

But when we read tweeted reports of a concourse preacher helping to make memories for the current crop of Auburn students Wednesday morning, we knew it was a perfect chance to honor cross-generational superstar Bro. Jed Smock… by celebrating his theory on rock ‘n’ roll.

These recently rediscovered (on our end, anways — can’t remember exactly where we got them) field-recording promo drops for WEGL were, we think, produced sometime in the mid-90s (let us know if we’re wrong). But their message is timeless: Brother Jed prefers rap.

Have some concourse preacher memories? Please share. Then repent.

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