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Could Bieber Fever save the Toomer’s Oaks?

The logic of three local Beliebers seems sound enough: If Taylor Swift can come here to hug two guys, surely Justin Bieber can come here to hug two trees… and sing at Toomer’s Corner.

In case you had trouble hearing, here’s the transcript from the video’s YouTube description:

Hi!! I am Allison, I am Katie and I am Cassie and we are your biggest fans. We need your help. A bad man poisoned our 130 year old oak trees at Toomers Corner in Auburn, AL. We are hoping you (Justin Bieber) will come and sing to us under our beloved trees to help raise money to save them. We love Justin Beiber and our Auburn Tigers! WAR EAGLE!!!

Some people say this will NEVER happen and our comment is ……………………..NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, the weight of a Justin Bieber performance at the corner of College and Magnolia would likely destroy the entire block, let alone the two trees — experts were worried enough about the effects of the foot traffic from  Saturday’s “Toomer’s Tree Hug” event. But surely there’s something the Biebs can do. Write a song about Al from Dadeville called “Bad Man”? Take the ’cause to Ellen? Donate his precious bangs to mulch for the bedding area (swept up hair seemed to work for ol’ Jerry the Barber and his muscadines)? A simple “Save Toomer’s” tweet?

You gotta Belieb.

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