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Best reaction to being named Miss Homecoming (?) ever

We always thought Krista Klumpp looked familiar, and when we found out her mother had also cheered for Auburn we knew why.

Blanche Riggs, a former head cheerleader for Auburn in the late 70s, was one of those closest to the blast of fellow cheerleader Dana Barnes’ reaction to being named Miss Homecoming in 1977*. How she survived, we’ll never know.

That’s Blanche there, flying.

Why yes, that is the photo that we flipped for the “It’s Pronounced Jordan” t-shirt.

* At least we think that’s what’s going on here. The setting seems a bit curious — isn’t it usually announced during a game? This appears to be some sort of pep rally. And we don’t see any other contestants grin-and-baring it out on the stage. But there is a bouquet. And unless she won the lottery, Miss Homecoming is the only thing we can think of that would elicit those sorts of tonsils — and the only major post Dana seems to have held. Maybe Shug proposed?

UPDATE: According to a comment left by a former band member in the comments, this was not the Miss Homecoming announcement. Suggestions?

Photos by Brad Ashmore.

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