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Bama SGA President explains ‘unity tree’ response to Toomer’s oaks poisoning

Student leaders of bother Auburn University and the University of Alabama held a joint press conference Wednesday afternoon in front of Samford Hall to announce what is being hailed as a joint venture of “mutual respect.”

In response to last week’s news that an Alabama fan poisoned the two iconic oaks at Toomer’s Corner in downtown Auburn after the Iron Bowl, student governments from both universities will plant two “sister trees” on each campus “as a symbol of the shared bond between the two schools.”

As TWER was late to the press conference — we took “press conference on Toomer’s Corner” to literally mean “on Toomer’s Corner” — we caught up with University of Alabama SGA President James Fowler afterward to get a better feel for what exactly was happening and why… and if he feared a retaliation.

Full video of the press conference is available here.

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