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Auburn Airport Heckler video REMIX

Touchdown, Auburn!

We probably all thought about him Monday night, wondering where he was watching it and who he was watching it with and if any of them knew or ever suspected that he was the guy and thinking about how he’ll probably never quite be able to enjoy Auburn’s national championship the way we will.

But what if the man who booed Jay Jacobs and Dr. Jay Gouge upon their return from offering Gene Chizik the job as Auburn’s head coach, and who for two years has unfortunately represented Auburn fans via the clicks of countless hyperlinks, and hours of recycled filler from every ESPN broadcast of an Auburn game since, could get the do-over he surely longs for?

Brilliantly, Auburn fans Robert Clay and Josh Snead think it might go something like this:

“I got so tired of seeing that video of one guy being played over and over again,” says Clay, a lifelong Auburn fan who graduated from Auburn in 2006.  “Anytime CBS did an Auburn game, there it was.  Anytime someone wrote a story about Gene, they always made sure to mention the fact that Auburn fans booed him off the plane, which never happened.  After we won on Monday, I figured that we might as well embrace it and have fun with it.”

Clay isn’t the only one resurrecting the airport heckler in the wake of Auburn’s national championship season.

Tim Madden took a more straightforward, shaming approach:

Dear heckler, when you’re ready to come forward, we’ll be here, arms wide-open, national champions.

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