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  1. I know what you mean. In my six-year-old’s lifetime, Auburn has gone undefeated TWICE. I’m worried this is going to seriously skew his view of football. but somehow, I love it anyway.

  2. Thanks for this Kenny. My gameday started right.
    Almost in tears, ready to play.

    I think you hear us coming. Bring it on.

    War Damn Eagle.

  3. Beautiful.
    This season has moved us all to poetry at one point or other.
    I wish Jim Fyffe was here. And my granddad.
    I’m glad my dad will see it. His freshman year? 1957!

  4. *wipes a tear* Thanks for a nostalgic but un-maudlin return to Auburn… Cam’s “god-like” status is assured, but let’s not forget the men of character like Kodi who selflessly gave to make it possible. We will be at the Phoenix mother-ship tonight, responding to all those cries of “Duck Soup” with “Tiger Meat!”

  5. Great post, Kenny, makes me wish I’d been able to go back to Auburn after graduation.

  6. Wow! As I wipe the tears from my eyes, I try to recall all the wonderful days I spent in the Lovliest Village in the 60’s. Jim had not started yet but I knew Shug and my wife worked for Dean Foy. Sidle and Fredrickson were there on Saturdays. It was a great time. Now, to the present.

    Thanks to a wonderful bunch of young Auburn men for making this a season to remember. I’m one of those that Cam mentions who wear Auburn every day. Even though I am far away, my spirit is there with you. Thank you, one and all, for the memories.

    GO BIG BLUE !!!
    WAR EAGLE !!

    Dom Cangelosi, AU ’67
    Big BR,LA

  7. Great writing! Thank you for that. Did you mean to use “flare” insted of “flair” here?
    ” …..names on the jerseys flair to prominence…”

  8. Wow– I stumbled across this link when reading another column. I am wiping tears. That was beautiful. Let’s play football, boys! War Damn Eagle!


  1. […] I wrote this, one of the few good football things I’ve written, before the 2011 BCS game, when everything those guys played for seemed to be more about everyone else. Now, I’m eager to celebrate a great season — I’ve said for the last three games, so before the BCS game became a reality, that we were going into the stadium to congratulate a team for a great performance this season — for the guys actually in the blue and orange. […]

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