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Tim McGraw defends Auburn, SEC’s honor on Late Night

Country singer Tim McGraw was less than thrilled with Sebastien Bach’s performance of the University of Oregon-themed power-ballad last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Fallon commissioned the song for a contingent of Oregon alumni on his staff.

“Power ballads fits ducks, I guess,” MgGraw said when Fallon asked his opinion. “Now, if you were going to go the Auburn Tiger route, you know, c’mon. The SEC is real football.”

“So what does that mean,” Fallon shot back. “What do they listen to?”

“I don’t know,” McGraw said. “You could have a good power ballad but there’s going to be some slamming at the end of it, especially when ducks are involved. I mean, tigers and ducks…”

When Fallon asked McGraw, an LSU fan, if he was “a big Auburn fan,” he replied “I’m a big SEC fan.”

If Auburn fans are beginning to lose faith in the entire late night talk industry, it’s understandable: Fallon’s hi-five to Oregon comes right on the heels of Jay Leno’s stale joke about Cam Newton. Sure, Cam got to do Letterman’s Top 10 a few weeks back. But the humor, let’s face it, left a lot to be desired.

Leno standing against us we can handle. Jimmy cuts a little deeper. So thanks, Tim. Solidarity.

(But we did enjoy the instant “Aww, geez” from an Oregon fan in the audience. They know.)

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