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Local entrepreneurs looking to build brand around the Tigers’ success with 3 Heismen

This go round, Auburn's good fortunes only took six weeks to inspire a local restaurant.

It took the 1972 Iron Bowl a couple of years to get a restaurant (The Blocked Punt), and about 35 years to get another (17-16).

But the new sum total of Auburn’s stiff arm legacy wasted little time inspiring local entrepreneurs looking to build a brand around the Tigers’ recent gridiron success.

3 Heismen Sports Cantina will soon open on N. College Street downtown in the space adjacent to Cheeburger Cheeburger that formerly housed ill-fated Greek restaurant-sports bar hybrid Calypso. Owners are steering the restaurant, which will have a muted Heisman Trophy theme, for a Super Bowl Sunday opening. They’re also considering changing the restaurant’s name to simply Heisman’s so as to not excite the grammatical fascism that breeds in sports bars (but insist “Heismen” to be the correct pluralization for the gimmick they’re going for).

Three cheers for the first idea.

Photo by Kenny Smith.

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