Explosive Exclusive: 78 never-before-seen photos of the Kopper Kettle explosion of 1978

This is the second post in a three-part series commemorating the 33rd anniversary of the day the Kopper Kettle blew up (and celebrating the scores of injuries and deaths that miraculously did not occur — remember the song ‘The Kettle’s Gone’? What about the t-shirts? Click here. Oh, and now we have video.).

On Sunday morning, January 15, 1978, several businesses on East Magnolia Ave in downtown Auburn were destroyed in an explosion caused by a natural gas leak beneath the restaurant. More than 70 businesses in the immediate vicinity were damaged . Downtown looked like a war zone. The event made national news. It was a big deal.

If your scrolling finger is limber enough, here are 78 photos – most of which have never been seen until now – taken in the immediate aftermath of the blast by former Opelika-Auburn News photographer Brad Ashmore. Can you help us put names to faces? Rubble to places? Do you have any stories from that day?

We’d love to hear them.


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