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Cam Newton talks chins, scooters, and the NFL draft on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jay Leno

Scheduling Cam Newton as the last guest of the night would normally have been a smart move on Jay Leno’s part in terms of keeping the attention of the thousands of Auburn fans who would have never tuned in to The Tonight Show otherwise. However, a significant portion of the Bodda Getta bump in his ratings likely could have easily flattened as soon as first guest Bill Maher, speaking of the gun lobby, said “I’m so tired of hearing about the Second Amendment and the Constitution.”

But politics were surely put on the back burner as soon as Jay, redeeming himself from his joke of a week ago, congratulated Auburn as “the new BCS college football champions” in his opening monologue.

Auburn fans watched as Newton and Leno compared chins (Cam: “I think you got a little more than me, man.”), checked out this week’s Sports Illustrated, and discussed Newton’s “lame-ass scooter“… as well as his plans for next year: when Leno offered him the use of his guest house if he were to fly back to Burbank to announce whether or not he’ll declare for the NFL Draft on The Tonight Show, Newton replied “That’s against NCAA rules.”

Here’s backstage footage that’s even more interesting.

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