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Auburn Wynnsong 16 to show BCSCG

The Wynsong 16 Theaters at 2111 E. University Avenue, and at least 10 other Carmike theaters across the state (and one in Washington State for Oregon fans) will show ESPN’s broadcast of the BCS National Championship game on at least one of it’s screens according to Wnysongg staff leader Jordan Strong.

“It’s only going to be in one theater, unless we get a lot of people,” Strong said. “Then we might put it up in another one.”

Are they expecting a crowd?

“We really don’t know at this point,” Strong said. “A lot of people are going to be at the Auburn Arena, but we’re expecting to be more of a family environment than anything. It’s really up in the air. It could be busy but it might not be.”

Wynnsong 16 was informed of the Carmike’s decision to show the game a week ago. Strong said fans wanting to watch the game at the theater must purchase a combo from the concession stand.

The cheapest combo – a large popcorn and large drink –  is $13.

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